Perceivable benefits

Obtain insight into the metabolic and lifestyle determinants of blood gluciose responses to mental and physical performancw and well-being. Study how acute and chtonic dietary and/or physical activity interventions affect blooed glucose homeostasis in metabolically different subgroups and houw this consequently alter the related mental and physical prformance, well-being and food preferences. Develop mathematical models, teste and evaluate these.


Projectnummer PPS-toeslag Onderzoek en Innovatie_2016_22
Rijksbijdrage € 1.550.000,00
Jaar 2016
Subsidieregeling PPS-toeslag Onderzoek en Innovatie
Partners Nutricia Research Nederlandse organisatie voor Wetenschappel onderzoek (NWO) Wageningen Universiteit/ Wageningen University Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum LUMC Dsm Friesland Campina
Aanvrager Universiteit Maastricht