RAISE SPS: Robust AI for SafE (radar) signal processing

pThe RAISE project aims to develop AI technologies that can strongly advance the robustness, safety and general performance of car radars, as well as the robustness and performance of adaptive multichannel filters as used in digital radio and hearing aids. Moreover, RAISE will explore AI techniques that can help to strongly improve the efficiency of the IC design and validation process. To these ends RAISE involves a close collaboration between key AI experts of TU/e with key industrial IC design, engineering and application experts. This collaboration will enable the project to develop synergistic combinations of data driven and model-based approaches, thus supporting a shift of the performance-efficiency-robustness boundary./p


Projectnummer PPS-toeslag Onderzoek en Innovatie_2021_347
Rijksbijdrage € 478.100,00
Jaar 2021
Subsidieregeling PPS-toeslag Onderzoek en Innovatie
Partners NXP B.V.
Aanvrager Technische Universiteit Eindhoven